Worry dolls

Hello Nursery,

This week on our Mindfull Monday blog, Mrs Mitzman gave us lots of ideas on how we can find ways to be happy and calm. I hope you have fun trying out some of the activities. It is really important to know that everyone including your grown ups can have grumpy, sad and worried days too. All of our emotions and feelings are normal and all of this extra time at home has been wonderfull in lots of ways but also tricky at times too. You may be confused, sad or even angry sometimes about why you can’t see your friends or family or come to school like you used too. Talking to your grown ups will help you to understand it better or having a cuddle with a favourite toy or blanket might help. When my daughter was younger she had some little dolls in a bag called worry warriors, she used to put them under her pillow and they really helped her to get off to sleep when she was feeling scared or sad. They looked just like these….

According to the legend, Guatemalan children tell one worry to each doll and when they go to bed at night they would place the dolls under their pillow. In the morning, the dolls have taken all worries away.  If you are feeling crafty you could have a go at making your own worry dolls. You could use lolly sticks, twigs or pegs and use your fiddly fingers to wrap the wool, ribbon or thread around them. Here are some examples to get you thinking about what you have at home to use to make your worry dolls…..

I hope you enjoy making them and they help you to loose any worries you may have

Take care

love Mrs Hill and all the Nursery teachers x