Year 1 Love Outdoor Maths!

This week we got our coats, gloves and hats on to venture outside to do our Maths!

It was great fun making ‘part part whole models’ to add 2 amounts. We used leaves, stones, twigs and acorns to represent our 2 ‘parts’ and then counted the total to say what our ‘whole’ would be.

We checked that our ‘whole’ was the biggest number because when you add your answer is always bigger!

Look at some of our work below:


Ways you can support at home:

As your children to teach you how to make part part whole models to add 2 numbers.

Encourage your child to say what number sentence is represented in their part part whole model “5+6=11. 5 is my part, 6 is my other part and 11 is my whole”.

Extend your learning further:

Can you make a ‘part part whole model’ with 3 parts to show how you can add 3 numbers?

Can you work out the missing part if you have the total and the other part?