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Our Children

We have wonderful children at Merry Hill and we delight in watching them grow and develop physically and emotionally as they progress through the school.

Visitors to the school often compliment our children on their confidence and courteousness.

At Merry Hill, we recognise and praise positive behaviour and attitudes. This is in line with our school ethos and behaviour policy. Children’s behaviour here at Merry Hill is excellent! You only have to witness first hand the smiles in the morning and after school to believe this and to see the desire and thirst for knowledge in our children and the way they are always eager to learn.

We hold a number of weekly pupil celebrations:

Achievement Every Friday one child is chosen in each class to receive a ‘Star of the Week’ in recognition of special effort during lunch times.  The children’s names are written in the special Golden Book and read out in assembly.
Attendance We celebrate the class with the highest attendance for the week.  At the end of each term we hold a special assembly to celebrate all those children with 100% attendance.
Birthday Book Club During our Tuesday Assembly, we celebrate all children who have recently had a birthday and contributed to our birthday book club.
Behaviour Cup The Behaviour Cup is awarded to the class that has been recognised for super behaviour around the school. We recognise this class during our Friday Achievement Assembly.
Jigsaw Every week 2 children are chosen in each class to receive a ‘Jigsaw Award’ in recognition of special effort when following our weekly Jigsaw theme.  The awards have space for the Teacher to write a special message which is read out to the rest of the school.  A certificate is sent home with the children who received an award to inform parents of their child’s special achievement and their names are written on our Jisgsaw display in the hall.
Music Mrs Smith leads the children in singing and making up actions to new songs in our music assembly every Thursday.
Play Leaders Year 2 Play Leaders share tricky problems that they helped to sort out during play and lunch times every Friday.

School Council

Each class in KS1 has two school councillors, who are elected by their peers.  The School Council meets at least fortnightly with Mrs Summers.  We are often amazed at the maturity of the suggestions for school improvement that the children come up with!

This term’s councillors are:  Amelia, Cecily, Chloe, Hana, Hafsa, Lunan, Sean and Theo

Digital Leaders

Two Digital Leaders from each KS1 class are elected by their peers.  The Digital Leaders meet regularly with Miss Honnor.  They love having an input into how technology is used within the school and are always particularly excited when they get to be ‘mini teachers’ and help children in Early Years to use the iPads and laptops.

The current Digital Leaders are: Alice, Bradley, Charlotte, Ella, Mason, Muhammad, Phoebe and Yuna

Eco Warriors

Mrs Gavriel meets regularly throughout the term with the two elected Eco Warriors from each KS1 class.  The children are always enthusiastic when litter picking and love helping with recycling.

The Eco Warriors are: Ashley, Bella, Henry, Hollie, Iya, Joseph, Lana and Shray