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Our Staff

Meet the staff: we are fortunate to have a hardworking and dedicated staff team at Merry Hill.

There are eight full-time teachers, supported by additional teachers and a large teaching assistant team, many of whom work part-time.

All staff may be contacted via the School Office – Tel: 0208 950 2166 or Email:

Leadership Team

Ms Melissa Adams – Headteacher Designated Safeguarding Lead
Miss Lacey Bateman – Assistant Headteacher Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs Gemma Hall – Assistant Headteacher (Maternity Leave)
Mrs Fay Summers SEN Coordinator & Inclusion

Teaching Staff

Mrs Iris Howe Nursery Early Years Specialist
Miss Helen Smith Reception – Zebras / EYFS Lead
Mrs Theresa Smith Reception – Elephants
Miss Emily Cowley Year 1 – Lions
Miss Lacey Bateman/Mrs Gemma Hall/Miss Sarah O’Donnell Year 1 – Panthers
Miss Katie Honnor Year 2 – Bears / KS1 Lead
Mrs Fay Summers Year 2 – Giraffes
Mrs Trudie Goodwin PPA Teacher
Mrs Gina de Smith PPA Teacher

Learning Support Assistants

Early Years Key Stage 1
Mrs Ellen Ogilvie Jones Mrs Helen Oldfield – Senior LSA
Mrs Alison Mitzman Mrs Tamsin Barnes
Mrs Melissa Bence Mrs Helen Gavriel
Mrs Cassie Hill Mrs Lisa Kemp
Miss Ellie Willingham Mrs Kirsty Rogerson
Mrs Victoria Bain Miss Amy Cordina
Mrs Charmaine Hoffmann Mrs Fatima Shahzad
Mrs Leanne Miah
Mrs Karen Taylor – Assistant SEN Coordinator & Inclusion

Midday Supervision Team

  • Mrs Helen Gavriel
  • Mrs Cassie Hill
  • Mrs Lisa Kemp
  • Mrs Leanne Miah
  • Mrs Alison Mitzman
  • Mrs Kirsty Rogerson
  • Mrs Fatima Shahzad
  • Mrs Sue Whyborn

Breakfast Club Team

  • Ms Christine Krangel
  • Mrs Gabriella Michaelson

Mini Forest Explorers

  • Mrs Alison Mitzman
  • Mrs Kirsty Rogerson

School Administration Team

Mrs Emma Stephenson Office Manager
Ms Christine Krangel Admin Assistant (Mornings)
Mrs Annette Tooley Admin Assistant (Afternoons)
Mr Neil Hobbs Site Manager

Kitchen Staff (Herts Catering Ltd)

Mrs Sadie Billet School Cook
Mrs Gabriella Michaelson Assistant Cook
Mrs Kim Sayce Kitchen Staff