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Our Governors

Governors play a key role in the life of Merry Hill Infant School and Nursery.

Our Governing Body has three core functions which are:

  • Ensuring the clarity of vision, ethos & strategic direction of the school
  • Holding the leadership of the school to account for the educational performance of the school and its children
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure that money is well spent

The work of Merry Hill’s governors is carried out through meetings of the full governing body and its two committees: Resources Committee, which deals with matters relating to Finance, Premises and Personnel; and Curriculum Committee, which deals with pupil matters, curriculum and attainment.

Governors do not manage the school – that is the role of the Headteacher.  The Governors aim to support her in doing this but do not shy away from being a ‘critical friend’ and asking searching questions.

Role of the Governors

Governors are responsible for the strategic vision of the school and for supporting the Headteacher and her staff in achieving that vision.  Governors have responsibility for appointing the Headteacher, managing the school’s budget, setting annual targets and monitoring performance against those targets, all in the interest of raising standards of achievement.  In addition to these statutory responsibilities, governors monitor the impact of policies and do a wide variety of other things, either through formal committee activity or through personal involvement with the day-to-day life of the school.

The governing body may also be called upon to consider complaints from parents.

Whilst the role is a voluntary one, the Governing Body expects all governors and prospective governors to be aware of the time commitment required to be an effective governor. Primarily, that commitment arises from:

  • Attending meetings of the Governing Body (minimum of one per term) and Governing Body strategy days
  • Membership of either the Curriculum Committee (usually 1 per term) or Resources Committee (1 per term & budget meeting)
  • Undertaking training courses relevant to the role of a governor
  • Having a link to a particular class and undertaking class visits, class trips etc to see the School Development Plan in action
  • Having a particular area of responsibility such as finance, personnel, safeguarding


The governors are responsible for setting and monitoring many of the school’s policies. Please see our Policies page.

Who are the Governors?

Merry Hill’s Governing Body comprises a member from the Local Authority, the Headteacher and one staff governor, three parent governors, and five co-opted governors.

The members come from all sections of the community and each brings different experience and skills to the governing body.  The governors have a common interest in education and want to make a positive contribution to education of pupils at Merry Hill.

Name Type Appointing Body Term of Office Committees FGB Attendance
Adnan Ahmad Associated Governing Body 14/03/2018 – 12/11/2027 Performance Management 2/3
Donald Barrell Parent Parents 05/10/2021 – 04/10/2025 Resources 2/3
Constantinos Chrysos Co-opted Governing Body 29/02/2024 – 28/02/2028 Resources 1/1
Gemma Hall Co-opted Governing Body 13/03/2019 – 16/11/2025 Curriculum
Sarah Ineson Staff Governing Body 17/11/2021 – 16/11/2025 Curriculum
Jarmo Kesanto
(Chair of Governors)
Co-opted Governing Body 08/05/2015 – 15/11/2026 Resources 3/3
Caroline Loison Local Authority Local Authority 16/03/2016 – 15/03/2028 Curriculum
(Chair) Safeguarding (Chair)
Nathalie O’Dea
(Vice Chair of Governors)
Co-opted Governing Body 14/03/2017 – 22/03/2025 Resources 2/3
Ben Reid Co-opted Governing Body 13/11/2023 – 12/11/2027 Curriculum 3/3
Daniel Ruddock Parent Parents 11/06/2021 – 10/06/2025 Curriculum 3/3
Sue Winston Parent Parents 16/11/2022 – 15/11/2026 Curriculum 2/3
Melissa Adams Headteacher n/a 01/09/2014 – Curriculum
Pecuniary Interests Register
Governor Pecuniary Interest:
Emma Lad (Clerk) Employed by HFL as clerk for number of schools

Growing Together Foundation (Governor)            Inclusive MAT (Employee)                                            Agora Learning Partnership (Employee)

Gemma Hall Member of Merry Hill staff as of 14/08/2018

Clerk to the Governors

  • Emma Lad

The personal qualities that our Governing Body looks for in selecting governors include strategic awareness, individual responsibility, sound judgement, effective communication skills, confidentiality and the ability to work as part of a team.  If you are interested in becoming a governor now or in the future, please speak to Ms Adams (Headteacher) or Jarmo Kesanto (Chair of Governors).  Interested in becoming a Governor?

When vacancies arise for Co-opted governors, the governing body is responsible for the identification and selection of its members. We will identify and select prospective governors by, firstly, identifying any skills gaps among the current membership. Vacancies are advertised through local advertising and networking for external governors.

Parent and staff governors are advertised in the school community and if there are more nominations than vacancies a ballot will be held.   If no parent governor nominations are forthcoming, the governing body has a duty to appoint a parent governor.

The Governing Body also has the power to appoint Associate Members where specific skills are sought.

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