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School Development Priorities

 Key School Priorities Intent
Key School Priority 1:

To enhance continuous provision to ensure the long term retention of learning

  • Enhancing our continuous provision will enable children to be actively engaged in their learning.  They will explore, return to and consolidate recent learning over the course of the day or a more extended period.   We believe that when children do this, they can explore what happens to things as they change over time and make changes to explore new ideas.
  • Continuous provision also allows children to be independent to make choices and initiate play without interaction with an adult.
  • We intend to equip all staff with the knowledge and skill to enhance the provision areas to make links to their planned adult led learning.  This gives teachers the opportunity to introduce activities, being sure that pupils have plenty of chances to practise and improve skills, knowledge and confidence in active, independent learning.
Key School Priority 2:

To be mindful of how our choices impact our physical and mental health

  • We believe that in order for children to be the most successful learners, they have to be happy and healthy inside and out.
  • Teaching children the importance of physical and mental health will equip them to recognise and address their feelings appropriately in different situations and places.
Key School Priority 3:

To use our expertise to influence outstanding learning


  • Disseminating outstanding ‘Teaching and Learning’ as identified by advisors to support other schools.
  • Communicate and share leading of the ‘Lesson Study Approach’ with cluster schools.
  • Further improve the standard of phonics across the curriculum as part of the Lesson Study cycle.
  • Maintain and build upon Mental Health Award and EYFS Gold Award standards to ensure our environment meets the needs of all learners.
  • Share expertise through the mentoring of prospective professionals in the teaching field.