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Our Curriculum

At Merry Hill we have a child-centred skills based curriculum, designed to develop a love of learning that meets the needs of all our children.

Intent Statement

At Merry Hill Infant school, our children arrive ready to learn with a wide range of experience so our curriculum is designed to: recognise children’s prior learning, provide first hand learning experiences linked to our children’s interests, build confidence, develop interpersonal skills and help children become creative, critical thinkers.

A Happy Face – emotional well being –happy and ready to learn

We provide a nurturing environment in which children feel safe to take risks within their learning so they can flourish into confident individuals. The mental health and emotional wellbeing of our children is central to everything we do as a school. Our ‘Healthy Heroes’ learn how to keep healthy inside and out, to self-regulate but also when to ask for support.

A Learning Place – every child valued for their individuality, culture and heritage

Every child is recognised as a unique individual. We work as a ‘Learning Community’ that celebrates and welcomes differences within our community and we build this into our curriculum through design and adaptation to meet the interests and needs of every child.

We highly value outdoor learning and provide a range of enrichment activities to facilitate children with a broad, rich and deep learning of the curriculum. Our dedicated team have carefully planned an engaging and thorough topic based curriculum, cumulatively sequenced in order to develop sufficient knowledge and skills for the children’s future.

Partnership with our families is a significant strength of our school. Parents utilise the ample opportunities we provide for them to visit the school and this strong partnership has supported the academic successes of our pupils.

A Growing Space – every child encouraged to develop their full potential in a safe, stimulating and caring environment

We promote a whole school ethos of resilience and perseverance through growth mind set; instilling amongst all that learning is a journey and mistakes help us to learn. Children are empowered and ambitious to ‘have a go’ if they don’t know something ‘yet’. We have an amazing forest area which our ‘Courageous Explorers’ have regular access to. These sessions link their curriculum and current topic which is maintained through regular joint planning sessions between the Mini Explorer Leader and class teachers. We encourage our children to be ‘Ambitious Leaders’ who drive forwards positive changes within our community, learning to become skilled orators in the process.

We provide support for other schools, using our expertise in areas such as ‘Mini Explorers’, where children learn in the outdoors, and mathematics to support the teaching of maths mastery to improve outcomes across the local area.

Our Merry Hill community provides children with a strong sense of belonging and confidence, enables them to make decisions, self-evaluate, make connections and become lifelong learners. Children are taught to take their Merry Hill reputation wherever they go.

Our Curriculum Drivers

Courageous Explorers We love learning outside where we ask questions and take risks with our learning.  We are independent, inquisitive ‘Mini Explorers’.
Ambitious Leaders We are proud of who we are and where we come from. We are proactive in taking care of our wider community.  We lead by example to create lifelong learners, with a future of endless possibilities.
Healthy Heroes We support each other in being healthy inside and out.  We know it’s OK not to be OK and value the importance of recognising and communicating how we feel.
Learning Community We have high expectations of ourselves and others.  We go out of our way to show acts of kindness and exceptional manners.  We feel that with self belief, we can break all boundaries.