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At Merry Hill we encourage our Curious Learners to ask challenging questions and deepen their understanding of religion. We enable our Collaborative Learners to further develop their understanding of and respect for religious diversity and to promote a sense of connection amongst our community.

At Merry Hill, we teach Religious Education in a varied and respectful way that encourages pupils to ask questions and find out more about the six main religions of the world. Whilst we primarily focus on Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism, we ensure we provide opportunities for our children and our community to share and celebrate their beliefs with us. Islam, Buddhism and Sikhism are further explored when the children enter Ashfield Junior School. Each half-term unit provides pupils with a variety of knowledge, thinking skills and creative skills as well as specific vocabulary which is progressively developed each year. Cultural capital is also a strong focus in our RE programme and we provide our pupils with multiple opportunities to see and touch real-life artefacts and experience religion in a way that they may not necessarily be exposed to in their home environment.