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Mental Health & Emotional Well-being

At Merry Hill we want to support every child’s emotional well-being so that they are happy and ready to learn.  We believe this is fundamental to our school vision of ‘A Happy Face, A Learning Place, A Growing Space’.

In recognition of our exceptional efforts in promoting positive mental health and well-being for all pupils, parents and staff, we are proud recipients of the Positive Mental Health and Well-being Award.  This accolade reaffirms our dedication to the mental and emotional welfare of our school community.

In each classroom, there’s a designated mindfulness area, providing a calming retreat for children who may be feeling unsettled.  We firmly instill the belief that it’s perfectly acceptable to not be okay at times, and our pupils make use of this safe space to self-regulate their emotions.

We would like to introduce Mrs Summers, who serves as our dedicated Mental Health Lead.  Mrs Summers plays a vital role in implementing and overseeing our mental health initiatives, ensuring that the well-being of all our pupils remains a top priority.

Please not that the Positive Mental Health & Well-being for Children Policy on this page will be updated as soon as our new policy becomes available.   Our commitment to fostering a nurturing and supportive environment for our school community remains unwavering.

Additional support to improve your positive mental health and well-being