Welcome Back

It was lovely to see so many smiling faces back at school on Wednesday morning. There was lots of excitement to see our friends again and share news about our holidays.
Year 2 have been keen and eager to get straight on with their learning this term.
In our Mastering Number sessions we have been continuing to work on using numbers flexibly and fluently. A new learning tool called a rekenrek has arrived in school and we have enjoyed exploring it and learning how we can use it to help us. We are already good at remembering to move the beads back to the ready position each time and using one push to show different numbers.
In science we have been learning about materials. We started by retrieving some of our year 1 learning. We remembered that an object is a thing or a noun and a material is something an object is made from. We also remembered the names of different materials and some words we could use to describe their properties.
Here we are using our year 1 materials knowledge organisers, materials and magnifying glasses to help us with our retrieval.

Then we used our knowledge of materials and their properties to decide whether materials were suitable for a different purposes.

How to support at home 
  • Encourage your child to use numbots regularly at home – it really does help and we can tell during maths lessons who has been using it regularly.
  • Talk about numbers throughout the day e.g. when setting the table, how many knives and forks do we need? How do you know? When shopping, how can we use the coins to make 50p. Is there another way we could do it?
  • Use scientific vocabulary in everyday conversation e.g. when cleaning up a spilt drink discuss what could be used to mop up the liquid using the word absorbent.