Designing Cars!

As you may know, this term in our Time Travellers topic we have been learning all about the Great Fire of London. In Giraffe’s and Bears we are very lucky to have a fiery display and last week we had the awesome opportunity to add to our class display by crafting our very own burning houses!

Then, we had a brilliant idea to design some vehicles that we thought might help us in the Great Fire of London. So, it all began on the computer program Purple Mash where we had a technical time designing the net that would make our trucks! We thought hard about the dimensions and which parts of the net would make up which part of the truck.

After our designing was complete, we then had plenty of fun cutting out the template. Lots of us had to think really hard about our cutting skills! Then, we were able to fold the net and start building our very own cars. We began to let the mechanic in us shine as we went hard to work building the body of the car.

We are so excited for next week – we will be attaching wheels and axles to our vehicles! Our engines are rumbling with excitement to take our trucks on a race track!