Our Curriculum Drivers

Our Curriculum Drivers

Healthy Learners – further support our children’s physical and mental health and wellbeing to ensure readiness for learning (how we ensure we are ready to learn)

Our children will develop as healthy learners who understand the importance of a healthy body and a healthy mind to prepare them for learning. Our children will develop positive characteristics such as a sense of purpose, contentment, healthy relationships and optimism. We will provide them with the tools and strategies required to deal with external situations in a productive and positive way.

Curious Learners – further develop our children’s learning (what we learn)

Our children will be inquisitive learners who question, reason and justify. They will acquire subject-specific knowledge and understanding as set out in the National Curriculum and beyond so they reach and exceed their potential.

Ambitious Learners – further develop our learning behaviours (how we act when we learn)

Our children will become effective learners by acquiring a growth mindset, risk taking confidence, responsibility and pride. All of these elements drive self-improvement and result in ambitious lifelong learners.

Collaborative Learners – further develop our children as responsible citizens (their place in the world)

Our children will have a holistic set of values, understand their place within the world and how they can positively contribute to society. Through the instillation of British values, our children will be responsible citizens who are prepared for life in the diverse modern world and will develop a respect of others through an understanding of our world and the people and cultures within it.