Festive Spirits!

We have been overcome this week with excitement for Christmas! I’m sure lots of Year two children have come home this week abuzz with festive spirit.  The classrooms have fueled our excitement even more, which you can see in these pictures of our advent calendars, Christmas walls and trees!

We were very busy this week in our Christmas crafting! In fact, I think we have plenty of special crafts to bring home to share with you! First, we made our Christmas cards. Then, we have been very artistic using our pointillism skills to create our 2022 calendar. Finally, we were very lucky to have the Friends of Merry Hill organise a magical time in Santa’s Grotto which we all found very exciting. He gave us some presents and we made reindeer food!

In some of the classrooms we have been enjoying our Elf on the Shelf! He has been causing mischief in the classroom, one day he took away our playtime and another he even stole a beloved class bear Cherry! We were not very impressed with that behaviour but certainly found it hilarious nevertheless.

Overall, we have had a very festive time in Year 2! Sending a big Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from all Year 2 staff.