This term in Geography we will be looking at the UK, focusing more on its position and context within the world. Our main focus will be the world’s rainforests; their locality, climate and layers.

After studying the UK and surrounding seas last term, this term we are now focusing on the world map! We began by recapping what we know about the world map, we sung our 7 continents song and enjoyed a retrieval  quiz about the UK’s surrounding seas.

This week’s lesson took us swimming through the oceans of the world! We had our own blank map and an atlas. We were shown how to use an atlas, using non-fiction features like the contents page! When we found the correct page, we used the atlas to locate the oceans of the world. We needed some help in understanding that the world is not flat like our books and that there is only one Pacific Ocean even though it is on our maps twice!

Next week we will be learning all about the equator and adding it to our own maps!

How to help at home:

  • Use an atlas at home or online maps to locate the different oceans of the world. Can your child explain why it is an ocean and not a sea?
  • What does climate mean? What countries do you already know that have different climates around the world?
  • We will be learning about the climate near the equator, can you collect as many facts as you can about this?