Great Fire of London Carts

This half term we have been learning all about vehicles, the parts they are made from and how they are made. This is because we wanted to make our own carts that could carry our belongings away in case there’s ever a ‘Great Fire of Bushey’.

We were very interested to learn about Kiichiro Toyoda and how he first got in to car manufacturing. We particularly enjoyed watching videos that showed car manufacturing in action.

Once we knew how to make a car we came up with our design criteria and thought about what we would like our vehicle to look like.

Finally it was time to make the bodies of our vehicles. This took time and care but our teachers were really proud of us for working so hard and not giving up even when it was a bit tricky. We were also really good at helping each other, sometimes we needed one person to hold the parts in place whilst another person glued or taped it together.

Once the body was made we added the axles and wheels. We encountered a few problems that needed solving, including how to get the wheels to stay on the axle, but were really good at coming up with different solutions to try.

Once our carts were finished we enjoyed testing them out to check they met our design criteria.

Have a look on Seesaw to see our evaluations of our carts.