This week in Jigsaw we spent some time thinking about what it is like to be in Year 2.

We started off with a game, we all got given a number and we had to find the others with the same number. We weren’t allowed to use our voices which made it quite tricky!

Then we all sat in a circle with Jigsaw Jo. We thought about the worries Jo might have about being in Year 2 and worked together to come up with ways to help with them. We thought that we could also use our helpful ideas if we ever noticed that one of our friends had a worry.

We we finished off with a story about worries. The story taught us that sharing our worries with others can help us to feel better.


How to to help at home 

  • Talk about times when family members have felt worried and what they did to help them feel better.
    • Visit the library and see if you can find any more books about worries or sharing our feelings.
  • Use the Zones of Regulation at home to encourage your child to talk about how they feel, triggers that put them in each zone and tools to help them get to green. More information can be found here