Manners Lunch

At Merry Hill we are always on the look out for children using good manners. This month we have spotted children in all the classes being polite.

Alice was chosen to sit on the manners table because she is always helpful around the classroom and often helps her friends when they are in need.

Sean visited the manners table because he has been trying really hard to be patient when waiting to talk to an adult. He says their name once and then waits until they are free before speaking to them.

Lola was chosen for the manners table because she always shows good listening and waiting during carpet time. She is always waiting with her hand up and remembers to say please and thank you.

Theo was invited to the manners table because he has been noticed by a number of adults for his good manners to grown ups.

Here are some photos from our manners lunch.

We can’t wait for next months manners table and are all trying really hard to make sure we are always polite.