This week in Maths we have been thinking about some different strategies to help us with our number fluency to twenty. We have thought about how to use part-part-whole to regroup the same number in different ways, for example 10+2=12 and 11+1=12. We enjoyed showing off all the different ways!

Most recently, we have begun to use a ‘think 10‘ strategy to add two single digit numbers. It is a strategy that challenges us to use our calculating skills.

Take a look below at a worked example of this method:

We did a lot of challenging practical work; we used our counters and ten frames first to consolidate the learning and then  moved onto the written work! Our number bonds to 10 became especially useful here, so it is definitely worth revisiting these on a regular basis at home.

How to help at home

  • Practise number bonds with your children. They are crucial to further learning ahead! You could try the online game at Top Marks –
  • Can your child show you how to use the think 10 strategy?
  • We will be moving onto think 10 for subtraction soon. Give your child some subtraction problems within twenty to get their brains warmed up for next week!