This week in Year 2 we have started to look at poems. We thought back to our time in Year 1 and recalled some features you might find in a poem, for example “rhyming words!”.  Then, we all played a game of ‘Rhyme with me’, starting with one word we began to think of as many real words and alien words that rhymed. We went around the class and kept rhyming until we couldn’t anymore!

Then we were introduced to a list poem. We discussed what it looked like some of us saying, “It’s like a shopping list.” Have a look below at the list poem we looked at, many of us said it made us feel “super hungry!”

We used a speaking frame to help us describe our likes and dislikes of the poem. Some of us had some fantastic things to say about it, take a look below:

How to help at home

  • Read a poem at home with your child – what do they like/dislike/notice? Are there any patterns?
  • Can your child write a list poem themselves about something that they like?