This week in science we have been recapping some of our learning from Year 1.

We recapped the 5 senses and luckily we could still remember them all.

Our favourite part of the lesson was using our senses when cooking and eating popcorn.

First we listened to the popcorn being poured in to the pot, we thought it sounded ‘loud’ and a bit like it was ‘plopping into the pot’. It didn’t have any smell yet.

Then we put the popcorn into the microwave. We had to listen carefully and use our noses to make sure we noticed any smell. It was very exciting listening to the popcorn ‘pop’ and ‘bang’ in the microwave. We soon noticed that it began to smell sweet and buttery too.

Once it had finished popping in the microwave we used our eyes to look at it. We thought it looked ‘fluffy like clouds’ and ‘bumpy’.

Eventually our teachers said we could touch and eat the popcorn. It felt ‘soft’ and ‘bouncy’ and it tasted ‘delicious’!


How to support at home

  • When eating different foods come up with words to describe how they look, feel, smell and taste. Use words such as bitter and sweet.
  • When cooking or out and about listen for different noises. What is making the noise? How could you describe it?