🧫💡Science Week 🧲🧪

We had a fantastic week in Nursery and enjoyed being scientists!

We had the chance to try different experiments every day and we were very excited to see the end results of all the experiments.  It was very interesting to see how all our learning can be used during our investigation. We were able to count, predict and record the results in different ways.


For maths we did an experiment where we had to predict how many pom-poms would fit in a hand.  We had different children fill their hand with pom-poms and then counted to see if everyone got the same number.  It was interesting to see that we all got different amounts of pom-poms and we discussed why that might be.  The children decided that the number of pom-poms were different for everyone because the size of our hands are different and we used different sized pom-poms.  This was a good way to introduce fair testing in an experiment.

We recorded our learning in different ways too.  When we tested which materials stick to magnets, we had a sheet to record our predictions.  The children had to decide which objects would stick and which ones wouldn’t and put them in the corresponding box.  They then tested their predictions to see if they were correct.

The teachers across the school were so impressed with our scientific work that they came to visit our young scientists and see their learning in progress. We even managed to coerce Mr Reid into one of our  experiments.  He was very brave allowing us to poke pencils through a bag of water above his head.  Mr Reid was extremely relieved to find that the pencils worked as a plug to the holes in the bag and he didn’t get a drop of water on him!

For the rest of the term, our English topic is based on Rosie’s walk by Pat Hutchins.  The children listened to the story of Rosie the hen who went for a walk at the farm.  What Rosie didn’t know was that she was being followed by a sly fox.  This story creates lots of opportunities to learn new vocabulary, especially positional language.  This week we have talked about what it means to go around and across during our Concept Cat lessons.

The children even used our creation station to do scientific experiments and they were fascinated to see the colours run across the paper towels to create a rainbow.  We also ventured outside and had a great time exploring and experimenting with bubbles!


How you can help at home:

Can you complete a simple experiment at home and record your results? Could you make your own tissue paper rainbow?


We hope you have a fun filled weekend.

The Nursery team xxx