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Phonics Fun – Wild Wednesday – w, v, x

Hello everyone, It’s Wednesday and we are outside again.  Can you find the sounds we’ve been learning this week?  Grab a few  resources and your coats and get outside for our fun phonic adventure! Don’t worry about the writing – you can use the dirt,  chalk, sticks or stones to form the shapes of the …

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Maths – Number 7

Hi everyone, This week we will look at number 7.   We can start with singing our number songs.   Where is number seven in the number line? Is it a big number or a little one?   Which numbers does it sit between? Can you find 7 items?  Go around your home and find 7 socks or …

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Phonics Fun Silly Soup – V

Hello everyone, Here’s another game of Silly Soup but using the sound V.  Hope you enjoyed playing this game yesterday.  When you play, don’t forget to check if your child understands the sound.  You can see what objects they collect and how much you have to lead them to the correct sound.  The V sound …

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DINO-ROLLS Hello nursery, I hope you enjoy this weeks fun activity. Mrs Bence x

Please, Mr. Panda and Thank You, Mr Panda by Steve Antony

Hello Children, After reading Mrs. Mitzman’s Mindful Monday blog about Empathy, I thought about these two books and how important it is to say please and thank you. The stories are quite a funny way of showing you how important it is to be polite and to have good manners.  Who you think Mr. …

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Mindful Monday Empathy

Hello everyone, It’s Mindful Monday again and hoping the week flew by even faster than Peter Pan! Empathy is quite a big word but a very important word for us all to learn about.  Here is Sesame Street explaining all about what the word empathy means and why it is so important…. Sesame Street Empathy …

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Phonics Fun – Silly Soup – W

Hello everyone, It’s the start of a new week and we have a new game for you!  This is a fun initial sound game (everything has the same beginning sound).  With a little bit of practice they can play with their older siblings or independently.  It’s also a game that requires a few household items that …

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This Week at Nursery

Hello Children, We hope you have had a good week?! We have loved seeing your pictures and emails that your adults have sent us telling us what you are up to at home. From making dinosaur fossils, practising numbers, making a ‘bird seed pizza’ for the squirrels, sounding out words, riding you bike and practicing your …

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Phonics Fun – Recap of the Week b, r, f, h, ss, ff, ll

Hello everyone, On Friday’s we will recap and consolidate all the learning and fun we’ve been having.  This is a good opportunity to see if your child really understands the sounds they’ve learned by mixing it all up and seeing if they can apply their knowledge in different contexts. For instance, your child may have …

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Phonics Fun – F and H Cross the River

Hello everyone, Welcome to another session of Cross the River.   We hope you’re getting the hang of these  and most of all enjoying them.   Judging from the videos and pictures you are!  It’s fantastic seeing all the fun learning. Cross the River How to play – a reminder- If you’ve found something that you …

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