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This is the Bear by Sarah Hayes

Hello everyone, This week’s story is This is the Bear by Sarah Hayes, a fabulous rhyming story that we all enjoy in Nursery.  I do so enjoy the dog’s cheeky look at the end.  It’s all very subtly done.  Perhaps you have the story at home and can read along with me? We’ve been …

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Hug By Jez Alborough

Hello This week we have been reading the book Hug by Jez Alborough. It is a story about love and belonging. Bobo needs a hug but he is lost and can’t find his Mummy. The animals in the story show great kindness and empathy when Bobo begins to feel sad. They help him to find …

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Come On Daisy! by Jane Simmons

Hello everyone, This weeks story is Come On, Daisy! by Jane Simmons.  It’s about a duckling called Daisy who is so inquisitive and energetic that she forgets to do good listening when her mummy duck calls.  Of course, the inevitable happens and she looses her mummy. In class we’ve been focusing on how Daisy felt …

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My First Day at Nursery by Becky Edwards and Anthony Flintoft

Hello Everyone, This week we are reading My First Day at Nursery by Becky Edwards and Anthony Flintoft.  It’s all about a little girl who isn’t so keen on going to nursery.  She misses her mummy and wants to go home.  By the end of the day she’s sad because she can’t stay at nursery …

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Busy, busy, busy!

Hello everyone, We really have been busy this week learning about number 1, reading our Here We Are story and learning the routines and boundaries at school.  Here are a few images that will give you some insight on what we’ve been up to.  Everything that we do has a learning context; it’s not just …

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Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers

Hello everyone! Mrs Howe has made a video of the story we have been reading for you to share.  It’s called Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers.  It talks about our planet and people.  In class we have been looking at the different parts of our body and singing songs  like Head, Shoulders, Knees and …

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Our First Week in Nursery!

Hello Parents, Carers and of course children, It’s been a busy week!!  We hope that you’ve enjoyed your first few days at Nursery.  All the teachers have been so very excited to have the children back. There were surprisingly few tears considering our last few months, which dried up quickly, particularly when they saw the …

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Activities – My Many Coloured Days by Dr. Seuss

Colours and Activities

My Many Coloured Days by Dr Seuss

Hello children, This will be the last story I will read for awhile but there will be plenty more in September.  I’ve chosen this book because it really expresses how we can feel some days.   At the very beginning of the video I mentioned that this Dr. Seuss story was different to the others.  …

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Mindful Monday

  A Summer Full of Mindfulness Hello Friends, I have a special activity I would really love to share with you but first here are a few things that you could put into your daily routine during the summer holidays. Practice your yoga, have a look at previous Mindful Monday blogs for some ideas. Do …

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