This week in Nursery…

It has been another wonderful week in Nursery!  The children have been working exceptionally hard and made fabulous progress in their learning.

The children enjoyed our phonic sessions this week during which they had to find objects starting with the same sound.  Being able to identify sounds within a word is a huge step towards being able to segment words for writing e.g.  cat is made up of the sounds c / a / t.  

This week the children continued with their maths learning and took on a big challenge, being able to record their thinking using a number sentence!  They were incredibly proud of themselves being able to “read” the number sentence and complete it by filling in the answer.

The fun did not stop there and we had the opportunity to take part in the sponsored slide on Thursday.  The children were very brave to climb to the top of an inflatable slide and were extremely well behaved while waiting in line for their next  turn.  Thank you to the Friends of Merry Hill for organising this lovely activity!

Last but certainly not least, we celebrated Purple Up Day!  The children had lots of fun completing their craft activities to celebrate all our forces children. We were also very fortunate to have Lt Col Sawyers talk to us about the importance of keeping our bodies healthy and strong and we enjoyed taking part in the physical activities on the playground.   We all know that building resilience and being adaptable are important qualities for us all to succeed and our forces children have shown again and again that they possess these skills in abundance!  

We hope you have a wonderful weekend.

The Nursery Team xxx