This week in Reception


Here is our Curiosity Cuboid:

We are thinking about pollution in the sea and the effect of it on sea animals. The children have been looking at the cuboid and comparing the items inside considering which things should be in the sea and which should not.


In Literacy we have continued to learn the story of Mr Gumpy. We have worked  with our friends to sequence the map of the story and to draw and label the characters.

Physical Development

We have been making the most of the warmer weather in The Reception Garden. Here we are practising our gross motor skills on the play equipment and our pattern formation in the malleable area.


This week we are learning to continue to develop our subitising skills in increasingly complex arrangements. Some arrangements are easier to subitise than others eg. A set of six dots arranged in a structured dice pattern that exposes the double-3 pattern is easier to recognise than a random arrangement of 6 dots.

Here we are outside completing tens frames to show different ways we can represent 6.


We are continuing to enjoy our weekly trips to our lovely library. Here we are selecting our books to take home and chatting about ones we have borrowed before with our friends.

How you can help at home

Please continue to practise the harder to read and spell words below. Remind your child that phonics will not help with these words. They must recognise them by sight. Practise by placing them up the stairs and your child has to read the word before they can move up a step.





See if you can spot them in reading books as you read at home.