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Memories of Reception….Continued

World Book Day  was enjoyed by the children in school alongside their friends at home who joined in via a Zoom chat where the children showed each other their costumes and books. We had lots of fun experimenting and finding out during Science Week   Reception always enjoy exploring and making discoveries. A big part …

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Memories of Reception …. Part 1

We have had so much fun in Reception this year and it is lovely to look back at all the things we’ve done using our Reception Journal which we added to each half term throughout the year.   Right back at the beginning in September 2020, exploring our new environment inside and outside. Mindfulness Learning …

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Lions and Panthers

Yesterday we visited our new Year 1 classrooms and met our new teachers. Today you will receive a lovely email from your new class teacher telling you a little bit more about them. Here are Zebras in their new Lion classroom: Here are elephants in their new Panther classroom: What you could do at home: …

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England are through to the final!

We were all very excited today when we came to school. We were so happy that England won the football match last night. Lots of us had fun calling ‘England Won, England Won!’ as we entered our classrooms. “I was in bed but I knew they won because I heard this really big cheer” said …

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One piece of equipment that gets used a lot in Reception is the class Smartboard. The adults use them to enhance the children’s learning and the children love to use them for a range of purposes. Phonics games form a part of the children’s daily work. They love to see if they can beat their …

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Sports Day

We had so much fun on Sports Day! We worked in groups and had a go at lots of different exciting activities. We did mini hurdles, an obstacle course, goal shoot out and beanbag balancing.

Gardening…the final Reception update…maybe

The Reception children continue to  enjoy gardening outside, there is never a shortage of children wanting to get busy. They are  keen to help with all the different jobs, weeding, planting and watering and are getting very knowledgeable about what plants need to help them grow well. “They need water but we can’t give them …

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This week in Reception our focus in Maths is Capacity. The children have  put containers in order and discussed why they think they go in the order they chose. The children are being encouraged to think and give reasons for their selections: “This is taller but it is thinner so it won’t hold as much …

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This week Reception decided to make the most of the beautiful weather and go camping! We set up camp at the top of the field by the willow trees and had a lovely morning doing all the activities we usually do in Reception and lots more besides. Apart from the tents, we had a BBQ …

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In Reception we have been learning about money. The children are very good at recognising all the different coins and have been working with 1ps, paying for items in our shop and doing very careful counting to make sure they give the correct amount.                        …

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