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We have had lots of fun learning all about Harvest today. We loved singing the Harvest Samba song. Maybe you could teach your grownups the song and make up a fun dance? We have discussed about being thankful and appreciative of all the food we have and eat. We also discussed those who are not …

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Piet Mondrian

Hello elephants and zebras, over the half term here are some ideas of creative activities you can participate in! We have recently been learning about Piet Mondrian and looking at his types of art. At home try and recreate some of his art work and even add your own twist on it. we would love …

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Time to Read from Book Trust

Today all the children will bring home a very special book. All the children in Reception have been gifted a book from the Book Trust. This year’s book is ‘The Runaway Pea’ by Kjartan Poskitt and Alex Willmore. Unfortunately we are unable to take Zebras and Elephants to visit Bushey Library this year. It is …

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Well Autumn is well and truly here. The trees are delightful to look at, this time of the year.  Here is a simple activity that you could try over the next few days.  Making a leafy collage, its an excuse to go out for a quick walk and collect some of the leaves that have …

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Listening Games

  In Reception we have been working really hard on our listening skills. To do good listening we make sure we: Look in the correct direction Do good sitting Keep our lips closed   Here are some lovely listening games you can do at home:  


On Friday we learned about the Jewish harvest festival of Succot. We looked at pictures of a Succah, a hut built outside decorated with branches and fruit, and then we did some colouring and sticking.

Rosie’s Walk Continued

  We have really enjoyed continuing our work on Rosie’s Walk this week. We have worked hard to draw our own story maps to help us retell the book. Look at our lovely work: It was so much fun to change the story. We were really imaginative and thought of lots of characters to replace …

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Careful Counting

In our work this week in Maths we have been counting objects very carefully to check we are reaching the correct number. The children have worked in pairs to double check each other’s work, a role they take very seriously! We have also been finding  the best way to count accurately. We experimented and the …

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Rosie’s Walk

This week Reception have had lots of fun listening to the story ‘Rosie’s Walk’ by Pat Hutchins. We discussed  and drew our favourite parts.  ‘This is Rosie and that’s her house’ ‘The fox is sneaking up on the hen’ One child described their favourite part saying ‘I liked it when the flour went on the …

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Gardening in Reception

We are very lucky  to have a special place to grow plants in Reception. Over the summer, however, it had got very over grown. Something needed to be done and luckily we have a superhero helper on hand to help us! Mrs Hoffmann has spent a lot of time working with the children to sort …

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