This week in Reception


This week we have started to learn a new story called ‘Stuck in the Mud’, where poor Daisy the cow is stuck and Farmer Tom is asking the other farm animals for help to pull her out!  This is not from a book but a Talk for Writing original, written by Pie Corbett. The children soon began to join in using story language and the associated actions. One of the Literacy activities this week was correctly sequencing the order the  animals helped  in the story. The children enjoyed working in pairs, firstly cutting the animals out, then placing then in order and lastly taking a photo of their learning using an ipad. Some of these are included below!

We also had a go at writing Farmer Tom’s question “Who will help me?”. The children drew on their phonic knowledge and made some super attempts. It is really exciting to see the children become more independent in their writing! Here are some examples:

Maths– Composition of numbers 6-10

Our key sentence this week has been ‘If you rearrange the objects in a group, the total stays the same’. The children have been exploring the composition of numbers 6-10 using the ‘5 and a bit’ structure. We have been practising using our hands and  ‘finger representations’. The children have also been using tens frames and double dice frames to visualise what these numbers look like.

The children have enjoyed various activities to help them develop this knowledge; making 10 with double sided counters on a tens frame then recording, making Numicon sandwiches- working out which two numbers go together to make 10, playing ‘grab 10’ seeing if they can grab 10 sorting toys and if they don’t have enough, how many more do they need? Lastly playing ‘guess my number’ on tens frames outside with large spots.

UW-Nocturnal animals.

In Understanding of the world we have been learning about nocturnal animals. Here is the PowerPoint we used with the children, we learnt some very interesting facts from it;


In Explore time we made clay owls and hedgehogs:

We also played a nocturnal sorting game. The children did an excellent job of remembering which animals slept during the day and which stayed awake at night!

How you can help at home:

Please practise our Nursery Rhyme which links in well to our Maths this week:
 There were ten in a bed (add link).

Do talk about number pairs that go together to make 10.

Also please continue with daily reading and practise of sounds/HRSW- we are seeing some great progress!

Many thanks. Wishing you all a very happy weekend ahead,

The Reception Team.