This week in Nursery

Although we had a shorter week, it does not mean we have been doing less work. With the lovely weather, we made the most of our outside areas and chose to do our learning in the fresh air.

Continuing with our growing topic, the children have enjoyed learning about the lifecycle of the sunflowers and we have now linked it to lifecycles of animals.  In Jasper’s beanstalk, the children learned the sequence of the days of the week and this carries on with our current book, The very hungry caterpillar.  This is a much loved story and the children already know it off by heart, but it still offers a range of activities to embed their learning in a fun, familiar and engaging way.

In maths this week, we continued with our theme of more and less. In class children are able compare 2 numbers up to 20 and say which number is bigger or smaller.  They also did incredibly well in recognising + and – symbols and explaining what they needed to do for each symbol.  We have moved on to adding 2 single digit numbers together with a total up to 10 as well as taking away 1 or 2 from numbers between 1 and 10.

Our art project based on Vincent Van Gogh is also quite impressive! The children have used a range of media to create their sunflower artwork and they enjoyed the process of planning, adapting and finishing their art pieces.  In using a range of strategies, the children can experiment to find what they feel gives the most pleasing outcome.

How you can help at home:

Have a number hunt at home, in the shop or on the way to the park.  Can your child say what number is 1 or 2 more than the number they found? Can they say what the number will be if you had to take 2 away from the number they have found?

We hope you have a wonderful, sunny weekend!

xxx The Nursery team