The last term!

It is almost impossible to think we are now starting the last half term of the academic year. We are incredibly proud of all the progress the children have made so far and we still have half a term to go!

The children started this term with lots of enthusiasm and energy as they recapped the learning they did before the half term break. We will continue to learn about “Summer Fun” and for the first few weeks we will look at the different minibeasts we can find in our garden. To support this, we have looked at non-fiction books about slugs and snails where the children had to find the contents page to identify the relevant information they were looking for.

In phonics, we have continued to practice identifying the initial sound of words as well as listening to cvc words being sounded out. The children then had to blend the sounds together to match it with a corresponding picture.

In maths we revisited identifying 2D shapes and discussing the properties that make them a specific shape. We then went a step further to look at 3D shapes and what makes them special. We even learned a very catchy song to help us remember the names of the shapes. You can listen to it here:

After the hugely successful Vincent Van Gogh topic, we have decided to continue looking at some of his most famous paintings and the children loved exploring ‘Starry Night’ this week where they identified the contrasting colours he used as well as the different 2D and 3D shapes he used to create the town.  The children explored making their own swirling patterns to represent a night sky with twinkling stars.


How you can help at home:


Why not go on a shape hunt around the house or garden to find a range of 2D and 3D shapes right under your nose!