3D shapes


HThis week in maths we have been learning to use the correct mathematical vocabulary to name and describe 3-D shapes.

We have really enjoyed using the 3D shapes to help us describe their properties and we have been using these key sentences to help us remember our new learning.

  • The flat surfaces on a 3D shape are called faces.
  • An edge is where 2 faces meet.
  • When edges join together this is a vertex.


We really enjoyed making our own shape people using nets of the different shapes. We tried hard to guess what shape each net would make before putting it together and adding a face, hands and feet. Finally we wrote down the properties of our shape person on a post it note.

How to support at home

  • Hunt for 3D shapes in the environment and use their mathematical names.
  • Identify the properties of shapes you find, using the vocabulary faces, edges, vertices.
  • Look for lots of a chosen shape e.g. cuboids, how are they all the same? different?