Sports Day

Last week we were jumping, running and sporting our way to a united victory at our highly anticipated Sports Day! We were so thrilled to see our grown ups lining up to watch us as we demonstrated fantastic Merry Hill spirit, determination and team work.

The day began with many games! There was an obstacle course, an egg and spoon race, hockey, penalty scoring, and a few other exciting games! We were so energetic to complete everything and with our parents watching too, it made us feel extra proud and special. Check us out below!

After that, it was time for the races! We all sat in our classes and watched everyone have a turn at a race, our parents watched from the side lines and we were all cheering on our friends. The Year 6’s from Ashfield Junior School were up to help cheer us on as well, they even had their own challenging race. It felt like such a magical day full of sports, community and a whole lot of fun!