Art – Moulding our clay pots

This half term we have been learning about the English ceramic artist Clarice Cliff. We have loved studying her designs, she loved bold colours and used lots of shapes in her work. We used her ideas to recreate our own designs in our sketch book, using paint and pastels.

We have also enjoyed using these designs to then decorate paper plates. Once the paint had dried we used black pens to really make our designs stand out. We were very pleased with the results!

This week we were very excited to make a pot or a plate using clay! First we watched a video showing us how to create a basic coil pot or a pinch pot. Our teachers then showed us, then we got chance to make our own, using the techniques we had learnt. Once we had cut, moulded, shaped, pinched and smoothed our pots we were able to use tools to create a design on the pot. We were very proud of our clay creations!

Next week, we will be painting our creations! We are very excited.