This Week in Reception

  •  This week in Reception

This week we have continued learning The Magic Porridge Pot text in Literacy. The children have been using actions to “engage in storytimes” (Development Matters 2021) by performing the story aloud. We have discussed and chosen exciting actions for ‘once upon a time’, ‘magic’, and ‘they all lived happily ever after’ in addition to the Makaton signs we already know for ‘help’ and ‘stop’. We worked as a team to create a whole class story map of The Magic Porridge Pot. Zebra class chose to change the title of the story to The Magic Hot Chocolate Pot. Elephant class took a vote and changed their version to The Magic Popcorn Pot- which shoots out both sweet and salty! This week, the final week in the learning sequence, the children have designed their own Magic Pot with an original food idea of their own.


Thank you for supporting your child at home with their phonic retention by reading their decodable reading book every day. Please remember to write in your child’s orange reading record each time you have read the book.

This week we have learned “b”.

The mnemonic to help with forming this correctly is: down the person and around the wheel


We have also been practising one to one correspondence and the counting principle of cardinality in Fiddly Fingers. We have learnt the stem sentences: ‘When counting we point to each object one at a time and say its number name’ and ‘The last number we count is how many we have in total’. Reception have been putting this into practice by counting items practically and counting how many there are inside a larger group of autumn images. The children have been encouraged to use our number rhymes to form numbers correctly, such as ‘down and over, down some more, that’s the way we make a 4’. Some children decided they would use a counting stick to make their one to one counting even more clear.

We have learned to write the numeral 6. Here is the rhyme we have used and an invitation for the children to explore the number 6 in the Maths area:

How you can help at home:

On Friday we will be sending home Harder to Read and Spell words for the children to practice recognising at home. These words are not meant to be decoded using robot arms and hands or phonics strategies. When we teach Harder to Read and Spell words in class, we  encourage the children to ‘take a photo with their eyes’ and use their hands to make a camera clicking action.



Please continue to practise writing numerals and writing the numbers in their correct number sequence to 10: 1…2…3..4…5…6…7…8….9….10. Ask a challenge question such as I have 8, what is one fewer than 8?