Church visit

This week, Year 2 have been on their class trips to St. Peter’s Church in Bushey. In Religious Education (R.E.) we have been studying Special Places and their importance to people. We began this topic thinking of what makes a place special and then drew our own special place; some of us said our house or a particular holiday destination that we had special memories of.

Then, we looked at different places of worship and how they are all special. We discussed what these places are used for and how that might make them special, for example a synagogue being used by Jewish people for prayer to communicate with God. Then, we used our research skills to find out what we could about some different places of worship and added our thoughts to our R.E. class book.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Year 2 had the opportunity to visit one of Bushey’s local Churches. We arrived and Father Andrew began by giving us some information on the Church and helped us to identify the features of a Church that make it special. We then were able to explore the Church and had many questions that Father Andrew was very happy to answer for us!

How to help at home

  • Talk about yours or others beliefs together.
  • Visit another place of worship and spot the similarities or differences.
  • Can your child remember the features of a church from their visit?