This term in Computing we are learning about coding.

We started our learning by finding out what coding is and using symbols to give instructions. Once we were confident with that we moved on to reading and creating our own codes using a range of programs on Purple Mash.

We have learnt lots of new vocabulary, including command, event, nesting and algorithm.

Have a look at our computing knowledge organiser to find out what these words mean.

Coding Knowledge Orgainser

This week in Computing we have been learning to use events to make commands happen in an airport scene. We worked well in pairs to complete the challenges set and then make our own airports. Some of us also challenged ourselves to explore how to make objects collide and to make noises following on from events.

How to support at home

  • Look at the knowledge organiser with your child – ask them which bits of it they have learnt so far. Call out the meaning of a word from the vocabulary list – can they tell you which word you are describing.
  • When giving instructions, discuss the need for instructions to be clear e.g. put your socks away/ put your socks in the sock drawer, which one is easier to follow why?
  • Talk about the step by step instructions that someone would need to build the same model that you have made. Challenge someone else in the family to follow the instructions.
  • Visit the Purple Mash website at home and have a go at some of the coding activities on there.