Mindful Monday

Let’s Be Zen

What does Zen mean?

Zen is a word for feeling relaxed, peaceful and calm.  It means not worrying about things that you cannot change.

Click the link below for some Zen activities for you to try…


So what makes you feel zen?  Is it…

  • Cuddling with someone or something special, perhaps a pet or your favourite toy?
  • Looking at the colourful flowers?
  • Smelling  the flowers?
  • Feeling the fresh air on your face?
  • Watching mini beasts or the squirrels?
  • Listening to the birds?

Could you draw a picture of what makes you feel zen?  You could send them into nursery using our email address, we would love to put them up in our very own Zen Garden.


Here is a beautiful song called English Country Garden.  Listen out for all the different flowers, insects and birds that are mentioned in the song, how many can you remember?

An English Country Garden Song

Yoga Time

This is a lovely little butterfly yoga sequence for you all to try by Bari Koral.

Fly Like A Butterfly Yoga

and breathe……

Ok lovelies have a go at the video below, it teaches you how to breath like a little bunny.  If you are feeling tired or feeling a little low try breathing like a little bunny it helps to give you energy.  Notice how it makes you feel after!

Bunny Breath

Quiet Time

Here is a beautiful Zen Den meditation with Jamie.  Snuggle up tight, close your eyes gently if you want to and listen to ‘Be The Pond’…enjoy!

Be The Pond

Thank you for all your lovely messages we love reading them.

See you next week, take care and stay safe.


Love from

Mrs Mitzman, Mrs Howe, Mrs Bain, Mrs Hill and Mrs Bence