Day 1 of our Marigold Diary

In science we have been learning about plants.

First we investigated trees. Outside we noticed our play ground had a variety of deciduous trees (loses leaves in autumn) and evergreen trees (leaves all year round). Here our some photos of deciduous and evergreen trees in our playground.

Then we discussed flowers and the parts of a flower. Unfortunately because it is winter there are not many flowers growing outside. Usually our school field is covered in daises!

So, we decided to plant our own and observe them grow. We each planted a marigold seed into a cup with soil and a drop of water. They will be kept inside with plenty of heat and hopefully some sunshine! We will be documenting our flowers growth with our very own marigold diary. We look forward to watching them grow!

How you can help at home

Plant your own seed. This could be anything you like and document its growth with a plant dairy.

Go on a walk and see if you spot any familiar flowers or trees. Ask a grown up to tell you it’s name if you are unsure.