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Senses Poetry

In English we have been exploring poetry, in particular senses poetry following on from our learning in Science. We started by reading and performing the poem ‘In This Room’ by Pie Corbett. We discussed how the poet Pie Corbett used adjectives (describing words) to add detail to his poetry.  Next we started planning our own …

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Time Travelling with Toys

We have been looking at the Victorian period in History, in particular Victorian toys! We began by comparing toys from the Victorian time period to the toys we play with today. We noticed lots of differences. For example, new toys are bright and colourful compared to toys from the Victorian times which were typically duller …

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Part Part Whole Maths

This week in Year One we have been regrouping using Part Part Whole models. We then extended this by writing the addition number sentences for the parts and the whole. We took our learning outside and used natural resources to help create our part part whole models. How you can help at home: Go on …

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Keeping Active!

Looking after our minds and our bodies is essential for feeling happy and ready to learn. We have been enjoying ‘active breaks’ throughout the school day, to give our bodies a chance to move and our minds time to regain focus. There are lots of great websites you can access at home too. …

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Explore Year One

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Peace at Last by Lions and Panthers

  In English we are learning to change the learnt story of ‘Peace at Last’ by Jill Murphy. Last week we created a class version of the story, changing our whole class story map. Both Lion class and Panther class changed the Bear family to a Fox Family. We even went one step further and …

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Cycle to School Week!

We hope you enjoyed ‘Cycle to School Week’ last week as much as we did! Miss Bates also joined you, cycling from Saint Albans. We saw so many of you- even the rain didn’t stop us! How You Can Help: Can you try a new bike route with your family in the local area (this …

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Celebrating Good Manners

We are very excited to welcome back the Merry Hill Manners Table! We are always on the look out for children using good manners. This month we have spotted children in all the classes being polite. Crina was chosen to sit on the manners table because she is always helpful around the classroom and always …

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Exploring the 5 Senses!

Following on from their learning about the human body in Science, Year One have been learning about the five senses. This week the children investigated different several activities in the classroom to discover and discuss which senses they were using. We all had a lot of fun! We tasted lemon, we smelled mint leaves, felt …

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Peace at Last

Over the next couple of weeks, in English, we will be learning to recognise and join in with predictable phrases from a familiar text. Our book at the moment is ‘Peace at Last’ by Jill Murphy. This week we have started by reading ‘Peace at Last’ and learning the story of Mr Bear- who tries …

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