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Meet the Beasts!

This afternoon Year 1 had some unusual visitors… As part of our science learning we have been learning about amphibians, birds, fish, mammals and reptiles. We know what makes an amphibian an amphibian and have discussed the difference between different animals. Today we got to meet, touch and even hold a number of reptiles! Dr. …

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Purple Up Day

Today we all wore purple and did different activities to celebrate the military children at Merry Hill. We used this time to discuss, be active and be creative. We discussed that the flower of the military child is a dandelion because dandelions put down roots anywhere they go. We were also so lucky to be …

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The Papaya That Spoke

In English we have been learning the story of The Papaya that Spoke. It is a story that has three different types of punctuation, starting with the friendly full stop who we know really well by now in Year One. Also, we have seen exclamation marks and question marks. We have been practicing acting out …

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Our New Playground

We hope you had a restful Easter break! On Tuesday the children were welcomed back to a brand new playground at Merry Hill! We have a fantastic astro-turf pitch, obstacle course, a humongous pirate ship and so much more. It was great to see everyone so active.

Hunting for Signs of Spring at Bushey Rose Garden

Yesterday Year One visited the beautiful Bushey Rose Gardens. In geography we have been learning about our local area and features of a map. Miss Bates and Miss Cowley gave Panther and Lion class the responsibility to plan the route! Firstly they used their knowledge of the local area and quickly identified Merry Hill Infant …

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April, Month of the Military Child

April is the Month of the Military Child and each year we love taking the time to celebrate our military children here at Merry Hill. Service children can face challenges with parents in the armed forces. Yet these children are also an amazing asset to families, schools and the local community. The Month of the …

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Welcome to our Teddy Bear Picnic

In English we are looking forward to writing a recount. This week we have looked at the features of a recount and been practicing writing in the past tense. But, we needed an event to write about…. so Lion and Panther class came together and had a teddy bear picnic in the sun! We each …

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Mother’s Day

This morning we had a lovely time creating a gift for someone special in our lives. First we picked the flowers. There were lots of different colours to chose from. Some of the flowers had not bloomed yet so  we called those our ‘mystery flowers’! We discussed our recent learning in Science and debated whether …

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Measurements in Maths

This week in Maths, Year 1 have been learning about different measures. Both classes came together to discuss and compare the volume and capacity of water. We started by using some key vocabulary such as ‘full’, ‘less than’, ‘more than’ and ’empty’. Then we split off into groups and compared the same volume of water …

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Healthy Heroes

This half term in PE, Year 1 have been playing games and developing their confidence and competence in fundamental movement skills. Today on St. Patrick’s day we worked on our under arm and over arm throws. We started by warming up moving around the playground as different animals- using our imagination and bodies together.  Here …

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