Reveley Lodge

This week in Year 1 we visited Reveley Lodge which is a Victorian home. We were very excited to find out more about the Victorian era.

When we arrived we travelled back in time to live like Victorian children. As a part of our English and History topics, we learnt all about the lives of Victorian children.  First the children dressed up in traditional Victorian smock dresses and waistcoats. The boys stood in front of the girls with their hands behind their backs. The girls followed with their hands infront of them.

We were quickly sent to work washing clothes using a posser, dolly tub and mangle.

After we did our days work with laundry, the children stepped inside a Victorian classroom, writing their sentences on traditional slate boards. They even had a visit from the  strict school inspector!

Finally, the children relaxed after their hard work. We enjoyed drinking a warm cup of tea out of a teacup and saucer! We even sampled a slice of  Victoria sponge cake!

We are looking forward to writing a recount of our trip and to explore Victorian Merry Hill.

We would like to say a big thank you to the fantastic team at Reveley Lodge and to our parent helpers!

How you can support at home:

  • Use time words such as first, next and after that to describe your daily routine.
  • Draw what happened at Reveley Lodge in order.
  • Practise retelling what happened at Reveley lodge as you will be writing your recounts after half term.