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Music in the sunshine

This week we learnt the names of different instruments, explored how to play them in different ways and practised playing repeating patterns using different instruments. We then got into groups and rehearsed our own musical patterns. We discovered the effects that tempo had on our performances when we shared them with our friends. How you …

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Fraction fun!

This week we have been learning about fractions. We have been finding half and a quarter of different shapes. We learnt that all parts of the fractions must be equal. We have had fun exploring different ways to find half using practical resources. We were really impressed that the children managed to link their maths …

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30 Days Wild

We are excited to share that we are taking part in The Wildlife Trusts ’30 Days Wild Challenge’, the UK’s biggest nature challenge! Throughout the month of June, we will be taking part in daily natural challenges and thinking of extra ‘random acts of wildness’. We have loved going outside and completing our challenges. So …

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Manners and Munching

The teachers have been challenging the year 1’s to practice their cutting skills in the dining room at lunchtimes. The children have been working so hard to ensure they are holding their cutlery correctly, cutting their food independently and using good manners whilst having lunch with their friends.  Mrs Kemp has praised all of the …

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Happy birthday!

A very Happy birthday to these children who have celebrated their birthdays in May Ameilia (11th) Tyaan (25th) Luna (26th) Matthew (27th)  Amelia (1st) We hope you had a special day celebrating!


This week in Maths  we have been learning all about time. We played ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf’ which was lots of fun! Then we made our own clocks and used them to support us in reading o’clock and half past times. We had to make sure the minute hand was longer than the hour …

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Mindfulness Monday

This week in Mindfulness Monday, we explored printing. We carefully designed a polystyrene tile which had to include an African animal and African colours. We tested our design on different types of paper to see which would be best to use for our final prints. We listened to African music whilst we worked too to …

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Exciting new playtimes!

This week the children have been enjoying some new playground activities at lunchtime. They have played some team games, had some extra explorer time in the forest and even done some mindfulness activities such as yoga! The new games have been a huge hit with the children and the adults have had a lovely time …

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Meet the Beasts!

This week we had a very special visitor in Year 1 and he brought some of his animal friends with him! Stuart came to school to talk to us about some of his (unusual) pets and helped us with our Science learning. We learned lots of interesting facts! Did you know…….? Animals that have 8 …

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Mindfulness Yoga

This week is Mental Health Awareness week and we have loved connecting with nature! Our mental health is extremely important and mindfulness activities are a great way to look after our minds. This week we have continued to enjoy yoga. Yoga helps our mind relax, building our mental and physical strength. Yoga even builds our …

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