The United Kingdom

In Geography this half term we have been learning about The United Kingdom. We started the topic by learning which 4 countries are in the UK and where they are located on a map. We also looked at the seas surrounding the UK. We challenged ourselves to correctly label a blank map of the UK without looking at the atlas!

We have also looked at the flag for the UK and the flags for each of the countries within the UK. We looked carefully to see if we could find any parts of each country’s flag hidden in the UK flag. We also talked about the colours and shapes that had been used in them and talked about their similarities and differences.

Over the last few weeks we have been learning about each country in the UK individually. We are learning the capital city for each country as well as some famous landmarks that can be seen there and about some of the traditional foods that are eaten.  So far we have learnt about England, Scotland and Wales. Next week we will be learning about Northern Ireland.

How to support at home:

  • Spend some time looking at maps and atlases with your child. Can you identify any places they have been to? Where would they like to visit?
  • Visit the library and look for books about the countries in the UK. Can you find out any new information?
  • Ask friends and family if they have ever been to Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales. What can they tell you about it?