Our Artist this term is Edgar Degas whose main focus in his paintings are people and figures. So, we started the term with a whole class follow along to sketching a person’s figure.  We had to use our light sketching lines and think about the proportions of the body parts. Lots of us found it funny when our teacher drew a figure with a large head and tiny hands, observing how the figure was not in proportion! This helped us when we began our own drawings.

Then, we used our photography skills to capture movement. We had to use the camera and think about the different angles we would need to capture our bodies in a photo. Thinking about the different poses we could make, we all chose a pose that we will be drawing ourselves doing!

Take a look at some of us below:

This week we began to practise sketching ourselves and thinking about our proportions from the photo. We have  used tracing paper to experiment with learning how to proportion a body. We are looking forward to creating our final piece next week.

How to help at home:

  • Get some chalk and draw around your figures on the concrete! What do you notice about the proportions of the body?
  • Take a picture of mum or dad striking a pose.