Design and Technology

In Design and Technology this term Year 2 have been learning about how cars are made ready for when we would make our very own vehicle!

We have learnt about the parts of a car: the chassis, axles, wheels and body. First, we experimented different ways to make the body of the car, we decided boxes would be a sturdy material to use. Then, we thought about different mediums we could use to cover the boxes, we tested it with paper, paint, tissue paper and  felt pens. We decided the paint did not work well on the shiny boxes because it spread too thin and did not cover it enough. Tissue paper was too thin and fragile. So, we thought paper and felt pens would be the best material to use.

The next step was designing our vehicles and creating a design criteria that included the materials (wood, boxes, axles, wheels, nails, paper, etc.) equipment we would need (hammer, sandpaper, rulers, etc.).

Today, we had an amazing time learning new woodwork skills when building the chassis and axles. First, we used sandpaper to make the wood smooth, then we hammered in the nails and clips to hold the axles on and after that we attached the wheels using hot glue. Finally, we made and attached the bodies. Lots of us found using a hammer and nail fun and exciting! Take a look at us below: