This week in Reception

This week has been a perfect opportunity to observe seasonal change in our reception garden. On Friday we could see the effect of the ice on the Orbeez and noticed the leaves were almost all off of the tree.

Then on Monday snow had covered the garden and made everything look beautiful.

We noticed how quiet everything was in the snow and  how cold it made our fingers.

Our highlight of the week was the Christmas Show. We performed Travelling Stars to our families and Key Stage One and were super brave on the stage.

How you can help at home:

This week we have been learning “wind the bobbin up” and it can be found here:

Please continue to read regularly with your  child over Christmas and don’t forget to visit the library.

We have sent home the next set of harder to read and spell words and the phonemes to practise.

If you are doing any Christmas baking please let your child help with the weighing out of ingredients as this is great for developing their maths knowledge (using grams) and decorating as this will help to develop their fine motor control.

Thank you cards to relatives for presents received is also a great way to practise letter formation.

Have a look at this website for fun Christmas activities  to do with your child.

Finally have a very happy Christmas break and we will see you in the new year.