Design Technology in Year 2!

This half term Year 2 are excited to be learning, designing and making kites!

This week the children have been excited to bring in their own kites from home and these have been displayed around the classroom for all to see! We have loved seeing the different shapes, designs and styles of kite.

Today we started our lesson by children brainstorming all they know about kites.

Our Word Aware word was product which means something that is made (produced) and usually sold.

We then looked at a powerpoint to help us understand how and why kites came about. Did you know that a 16 year old boy and his kite was a key person in starting the building of a Bridge over Niagra Falls? Before the building could begin, someone needed to get a line from one side of the gorge to another. Homan Walsh worked at flying his kite from the Canadian side to the US side of Niagra Falls. Finally after many days of trying in difficult January weather, he was successful! A thicker rope was then attached to the line, which allowed metal cables to be pulled over and then the building was able to start! Homan was rewarded 10 US dollars, which was a lot of money in 1847.

We then looked at the wide  range of designs  of kites and named the different parts.

The children then went onto draw and label key parts of a kite in their sketchbooks.

Finally the children really enjoyed flying the kites that had been brought into school. What a great way to spend a Friday afternoon!

Over the next few weeks the children will learn about the designer Peter Lynn, design and make a kite and then evaluate their product. How exciting!


How you can help at home

If you have a kite, go and fly it together on  a windy day

Look at pictures of kites together- can the children remember the names of the parts?

If time, research a bit more about Homan Walsh and how he helped the start of the building of the bridge of Niagra Falls.