Diwali Science Investigation

On Monday we enjoyed an assembly all about Diwali where we read the story of Rama and Sita.

After this we read another version of Rama and Sita and compared the stories. We noticed that the characters and events were really similar but the words and illustrations were different.

Our teachers have set us a challenge to build a bridge to help Hanuman and his army of monkeys rescue Sita from Ravana.

First we started by exploring the materials that we will be able to use to make our bridges. We decided that paper on its own would not be strong enough so we tried different way to make it stronger. We tried rolling it, folding it, and added straws and lolly sticks to strengthen our bridges. We also thought about how we could join the different parts of our bridges together.

Next week we will be designing and making our bridges then testing them out to see if they are strong enough and can allow people to travel from one place to another.

We are feeling confident that we can build strong bridges that are suitable for their purpose.


How to support at home 

  • Find out some more about Diwali – complete some research on the computer or at the library.
  • Look at structures around the home or when out and about. How have they been made? What supports have been used to make the structures stronger?
  • Challenge your child to use a variety of equipment to make different structures. You could complete this as a family challenge.
  • After building something – how could you make it even better? What would you do differently next time?