I can be anything… Don’t tell me I can’t!

In English we have been reading for a purpose to discuss what we could be when we grow up. The book we have chosen to focus on is ‘I can be anything, don’t tell me I can’t’ written by Diane Dillon. In this book the main character Zoe imagines the jobs she could do but she has a little red voice in the back of her head. The red voice questions her dreams and asks her ‘What if’ questions such as ‘What if you get homesick?’ In the book Zoe challenges the red voice and concentrates on the qualities she has which make her right for the job.

The children in year one started their learning journey by choosing three different jobs they might like to do when they are older. We have lots of amazing aspirations and here are some of us posing by our dream jobs (nurse, police officer and singer). We reminded ourselves of the theme of the book, telling each other we can be anything we want to be.

The children asked themselves their own red questions based on whatever they thought might hold them back and finished the week with a piece of writing which had three lovely solutions to their problems.

How You Can Help At Home:

Discuss career pathways with your child, such as any changes in career you have had and how you can follow your dreams at any age!