Over the last week in English we have been learning about ‘explanations’. We learnt that an explanation is when you tell someone why or how something happens.

We were quite surprised when our teachers first introduced our learning by telling us that a dragon had visited our classrooms whilst we had been eating our lunch. For our cold task our teachers asked us to explain why the dragon may have visited Merry Hill School, we had lots of imaginative ideas. Have a look at the videos here and some of our explanations.

CCTV Bears

Then we talked about dragons and agreed that dragons are actually extinct now. Our teachers told us why they think dragons are extinct and we worked hard to learn our model text. Watch us telling our explanation here, we have been working really hard to make sure we use actions and lots of expression in our voices.


This week we have started to design our own dragons and describe them using expanded noun phrases. Now we are planning our ideas as to why we think dragons are extinct. Keep an eye on the blog for our finished pieces of writing.

How to help at home 

  • Read daily with your children at home, whilst doing so pick out interesting vocabulary and discuss its meaning.
  • Use adjectives to describe every day household items e.g. tall, thin glass.
  • When your children ask ‘why’ or ‘how’ encourage them to come up with their own imaginative ideas to answer their own questions.