Safer Internet Day

On Tuesday we celebrated Safer Internet Day. We came together in the morning for an assembly about Safer Internet Day. We talked about what it meant to be online and the things we like to do online. Then we discussed why it was important to be kind online.

In the afternoon we continued learning about online safety in our classrooms. We thought about our personal information and discussed which information was ok to share with others and which information should be kept private. Some children then decided to ask if their Numbots and Reading Egg’s passwords could be changed as they had shared them with their friends and they now realised that they shouldn’t have done this.

We listened to the story ‘Digiduck and the Magic Castle’. We enjoyed the story and stopped at different points to think about how each of the characters felt and what we thought of the decisions they had made. Then we used our Zones of Regulation to think about how we would feel if different things happened to us online. We were interested to find out that not everyone would feel the same in a situation.

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Finally we discussed how we might feel and what we could do if someone asked for our personal information and we knew that it would not be a good decision to share it. We decided that if we didn’t want to say no to somebody then we could go to one of our trusted adults and ask them to help us say no.

How to support at home 

  • Monitor your child’s online use – What websites are they visiting? How long are they spending online?
  • Visit the Online Safety page on the Merry Hill website to find information for parents and carers and suggested websites.
  • Talk with your child about the potential risks online and what to do if they find themselves in a situation they feel uncomfortable with.