In English this week we started learning our new story The Great Kapok Tree. As we are in the imitation stage of the learning sequence, we have been doing lots of oral rehearsal of our story and have been learning the different parts. We were reminded there are five parts of a story: opening, build up, unfortunately, luckily and the ending.

Then, we focused on conjunctions (and, so, because, but) and especially how we should only have one per sentence otherwise our sentences will never ending! We used sentences from the Great Kapok Tree and extended them using conjunctions but we had to think hard about which conjunction is the most appropriate to use depending on what the sentence is telling us.

After that, we tried to think of lots of different ways to describe a character. For this our grammar focus was adjectives. We had to label the different characters with adjectives and used the thesaurus to help find some more exciting words. Take a look at the pictures below.