Fantasy stories

This week in English Year 2 have been learning about fantasy stories.

We started the topic by thinking about the difference between fiction and non-fiction books. We had a look at some of the books in our reading areas and sorted them by type.

Then our teachers taught us a fantasy story called ‘My Garden’. We were surprised to find out that only part of the story was fantasy. We have been working really hard to use our class story map to learn the story by heart this week. Watch the video below to hear the fantasy part of ‘My Garden’.

We have been looking closely at the text to find out the features of a fantasy story. We found that ‘My Garden’ contains

  • Interesting verbs
  • Conjunctions to join sentences together
  • Expanded noun phrases (tall, juicy carrots)
  • Similies (tomatoes as big as beach balls)

Next week we are going to use all the things we have learnt about fantasy stories to make up our own stories. The title of our story will be ‘My School’. We will use ‘My Garden’ as our model text.

In My Garden there were some problems with the real garden e.g. everyday the lettuce and carrots were ruined. We will be thinking of some possible problems in our school, for example, lots of washing up to do after lunchtime or toilets that need cleaning all the time.

Then we will think about what school would be like if it belongs to us. We can’t wait to use our imagination to come up with the perfect school!

How to support at home

  • Identify where fantasy has been used in the stories you read at home
  • Look out for similies and expanded noun phrases in books, write them down so you can use them in your writing
  • Discuss fantasy ideas, what would the perfect house be like? cinema? swimming pool?
  • Write down your own fantasy ideas remembering to use punctuation.